Santa from Santa's Village

Phillip L. Wenz

Advertisement & Promotions 

From shooting commercials for Brach's Candy to promoting a food collection at Golf Mill Shopping Center in Niles, IL or appearing in an entire advertisement campaign for Santa's Village, Phillip L. Wenz has helped get the message out to the public market. His credentials include 26 commercials for such clients as Santa's Village, Polar Dome Ice Arena, Bank United, Sears, K-Mart, and Brach's Candy.  Promotional, internet, and print ads for Grand Bear Lodge in Utica, IL, Wilton Partners of Los Angeles, CA, and even the State of Illinois "IPASS" program.


As Santa, Phillip L. Wenz has appeared on billboards, in brochures, on post cards, and done numerous stock photos for the print medium for industry photo shoots and advertisements. He has also has graced the covers of regional magazine and specialized Christmas cards. His portfolio includes Santa's Village, McDonalds, Chicago Transit Authority, and Pizza Hut. A complete portfolio of print work is available with work from many photographic studios including ad agencies in Chicago IL, Houston TX, and Champaign IL.

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