Santa from Santa's Village

Phillip L. Wenz

Santa Claus, Indiana

As a consultant for St. Nicholas Development, LLC, Phillip L. Wenz was asked to work on the historical documentation of Santa's Candy Castle and Santa Claus Town.  The Castle, the nation's first themed attraction and the first attraction in Santa Claus, Indiana's famed history, re-opened it magical doors in the summer of 2006. The historic Santa Claus Town restoration project is on-going.


Along with his consulting with St. Nicholas Development, LLC, Wenz also makes appearances for the Candy Castle for television, print, and promotions.  He also acts as an advisor to the Santas who work at the various attractions in Santa Claus such as Holiday World theme park, Santa Claus Christmas Store, and Santa's Lodge. Wenz has also develops projects for the community such as workshops for Santas and designs historical displays.


He is the creator and producer of the annual Jim Yellig Santa Claus Workshop.  The Workshop attracts hundreds of Santas from across the globe to Santa Claus each April. It is one of the largest gatherings of  its kind in the world.

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